ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge Preliminary Result Announcement

Dear ASC22 teams:


First, we highly appreciate the remarkable efforts you have put into your proposals. Each of you has demonstrated a deep understanding of the supercomputing technologies and exceptional talent in application optimization. There is no doubt that all of you are winners of the preliminary stage. However, due to the competition site limitations, we can only host a number of teams for the final stage of ASC22 supercomputing challenge.


Because the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging in many countries, the ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge finals will be organized like in the previous year, to include both on-site and virtual participation. Top20 teams from Chinese mainland will join the finals on-site. And Top4 teams outside of Chinese mainland will participate remotely on AWS Cloud Platform virtually.


The selection process for both on-site and virtual participation presented a tough challenge for the Evaluation Committee. After a long and careful evaluation, the ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge Committee selected the following teams to qualify for the ASC22 Finals: 


Finalist On-site Participation


Finalist Virtual Participation


Also, ASC22 Student Supercomputer Challenge Committee is happy to announce the following teams as Second Class Prize Winners:


The Second Class Prize Winners


Following the prior announcement of January 2022 in ASC22 kickoff ceremony, the on-site finals will take place at University of Science and Technology of China, and the virtual finals will be supported by AWS Cloud. More information for participation on-site and virtually will be announced shortly. Both on-site and virtual finals will start each day at UTC/GMT+08:00, from May 7-11, 2022.



ASC22 Organizing Committee



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